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Sam Wakeling
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00059, Spencer Owen, Nottingham, UK, 29"x2.0" (Triton Schlumpf)
00069, Richard Lewis, Southampton, UK, 36"

M018, Rene van Schijndel, Cuijk, Netherlands 26"x2.4" (KH26)
M019, Wolfgang Schaper, Wiesloch, Germany, 26"x3.7" (Surly Conundrum)
M095, Martin Afanasjew, Freiberg, Germany, 24"x3.0" (KH24)
M107, Sam Wakeling, Aberystwyth, UK, 36"
M127, Rob Youngren, Huntsville, Alabama USA, KH24
M144, Wolfgang Schaper, Wiesloch, Germany, 36"x2.25" (KH36)
M145, Marcus Schmitz, Cologne, Germany, 29"x2.3" (KH29) "Speedy Gonzales"
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