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Breathing life into an old Axis

So they say that you should always give away your first Uni. A gesture that expands our community and lets face it, off loads that old sentimental pile of goser that you'll never ride again.

So mine was a 20" Axis. Ordered from UDC and the bane of my existence in my early Uni days. The time came, however, for me to pass the torch along to a friend who was interested enough to give her some attention.

Co-incidentally, that very same week, a work colleague sent me a photo of an Axis hanging on his friends garage wall with the sub-text: "Want it?"

Oh yes, yes I did.

Perhaps it was the guilt I felt about letting my first love go that drove me to spend the kind of money I did on this restoration but whatever the reason, I'm very happy with the result.

Here's a breakdown if you're interested:
* Disassemble and throw out rusted parts i.e. Spokes, cranks, seat, bearings, crank bolts, bearing screws.
* Grind back chrome to a surface I can paint over
* Apply self etching primer
* Apply paint
* Wait an age for all parts to arrive from China/USA/UK
* Remember how to spoke and true a wheel
* Assemble and get my hockey on
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