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Originally Posted by Gockie View Post
Welcome to the forum. One thought, some unis are simply a lot easier to ride than others. Can you try a different unicycle? Also the seat discomfort can be playing a part in your riding difficulties. You want to put your weight fully on the seat (in the middle is fine), if you don't put all your weight on the seat then riding will be very difficult. Maybe wear padded cycling shorts under your pants to help with the discomfort?

And just the normal things, I like to ride with a little bend at the knee in the extended position, in general a 20" unicycle tends to be good for most adult beginners, and if you can find someone else around who can unicycle they may be able to help.

Personally, what I found really helped me was finding a railing and practising along that. After generally having balance (forward-backwards and left and right) a couple of sessions at a rail at the right height really got me riding.
Thanks for the welcome!

I am riding a 20" Sun unicycle that I bought used on eBay (after a lot of research skimming forums like this for suggestions). From your size suggestion as well, this seems like it should be fine. I did find out on my first day that the seat post was far too short (200mm) and I had to order a larger one. I have my seat at a position where my leg is fully extended at the highest point because I assumed that would help with keeping weight in the seat, so there really isn't much bend in the knees.

I was very aware before I even started that I need to put my weight in the seat, so I always have that in mind. I have even at times wondered if I've tried too much to concentrate the weight there and I'm not using the pedals enough. I have tried using a little extra padding, but I just assume it's never going to be totally comfortable due to the nature of a post being jammed between my legs. Many times it seems that just because I have weight in the seat it's not necessarily in the right place, because I don't feel that I have control of the unicycle anyway. In those rare moments when everything felt right, it seemed like my weight was down but in such a way that I was able to control my balance. Most of the time I feel at the mercy of the unicycle doing whatever it wants, even if I happen to scramble for 6-8 feet.

I do think that I have a tendency to lean forward too much to avoid falling backwards, but I can't consistently correct this in a way that helps. Often if I stop thinking so far forwards, the unicycle will just try to fall backwards. Fortunately after so much practice I can reflexively (and miraculously) dismount safely off the front even when that happens.

I have been mounting using a small post, but I've tried not to hold on to anything as I go because I seemed to rely too much on it. I mean, I can and have ridden circles around the post indefinitely, but moving forward without it is totally different. I have seen some people mount using a backstop against the tire, but I don't have a very convenient place to try this. The one time I did I felt less in control of how I started. And I can let go of the post and balance for a moment without touching it before I start if necessary. I'm pretty comfortable moving back and forth, changing pedal positions, and even adjusting the position of my feet on the pedals while holding the post.
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