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John Hooten 2003-02-15 01:48 AM

KH24 creaking
I had my KH24 out on it's 5th ride today, halfway through the left crank
started to creak. I stopped to make sure that everything was tight - it
was - but the creaking continued. It is not unlike the creak from a
profile crank. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a problem? Is
this something endemic to splined cranks? Is there anything I should do
to check the crank and axle?

John Hooten

Sofa 2003-02-15 01:56 AM

i bet it's not the cranks, i bet it's the spokes. chances are, the spokes are loose.

it would sound like the crank, because you'd get the creak with each power stroke

i don't know if this is recommended, but what i do in this situation, is turn every spoke 1/4 turn tighter. (still creaking, try an 1/8 turn, and so on) it solves it, but may do something bad to the tension (although I've never noticed anything bad)

Check for very loose spokes first, of course.

Jason 2003-02-15 02:18 AM

Re: KH24 creaking
John Hooten wrote:

> I had my KH24 out on it's 5th ride today, halfway through the left crank
> started to creak.

Greetings John,

Frank A. addressed this issue in his review of of the KH24. He used some
'anti-seize' on the cranks to resolve the issue. I posted earlier to
find out what brand was used because I have KH24 on the way and I want
it to hum like a well oiled machine. ;)

I would ike to hear your opinion of the KH24 if you some time.



Jason 2003-02-15 02:23 AM

Re: KH24 creaking

Sorry, I rushed my typing...

> I would like to hear your opinion of the KH24 if you have some time.


Erin 2003-02-15 04:17 PM

Good for you to be getting a KH24 Jason. You will have fun with your new MUni for sure!


john_childs 2003-02-15 05:03 PM

My DM has a similar splined hub and crank design as the KH. I found it was important to grease up the spline and grease up the threads on the pinch bolt on the crank. The KH also has a bolt at the end of the axle, make sure the threads on that bolt are also greased or anti-seized. Then tighten everything down. Grease or anti-seize on all of the threads will allow you to get things much tighter and will hopefully get rid of the squeaking.

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