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RPate321 2019-12-01 01:29 PM

Remove vintage Schwinn cranks
Any videos on how to remove cranks?

Albertosaurus 2019-12-01 01:51 PM

I've never seen a video about it. I'm assuming you're refering to cottered cranks since you mention "vintage". I just wanted to recommend looking for a vintage bicycle repair book. I am familiar with cottered cranks, if you have that type of crank and have questions.

jtrops 2020-01-07 12:31 AM

If they are cotterless you will need a crank extractor. The cotterless Schwinns have aluminum rims. If it has a steel rim you most likely have cottered cranks.

If they are cottered:

I highly recommend picking up a couple of replacement crank cotter pins before you remove the ones you have. They are made of soft steel, and deform easily. You will have much better luck using a cotter press; however, even a lot of bike shops don't have a cotter press anymore. Hammering may get them out, but I had a customer bike come in last year that he had hammered away at, and the threaded end was so deformed I had to spend far more time getting it out than I should have.

You can buy one, or for a few dollars, and not a lot of time you can make one out of a large "top beam clamp." as in this video:


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