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andrew_carter 2003-03-16 06:17 AM

Gallery of funny pictures...
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I wasn't sure about making this thread but I didn't think I should put pictures in the "Gallery of Clean Jokes" one. I think it'd good if we posted some funny pictures as long as they're pretty small ones. So here goes...


andrew_carter 2003-03-16 06:19 AM

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Max_Dingemans 2003-03-16 06:25 AM

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on the subject of comics...

binthef 2003-03-16 07:28 AM

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nice one Max_Dingemans :D i like it. Im like brand new here, but here is one i thought was quite a funny screwup. A friend of mine took this picture of his TV.....
EDIT - so i dont get ppl jumping on my case, the tragedy itself is not whats funny. Should say speed of sound :rolleyes:

jagur 2003-03-16 08:00 AM

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binthef 2003-03-16 08:15 AM

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lol. Here's another....with the current gas prices this is laughable :) I've got a full folder of this kinda junk.

jagur 2003-03-16 08:28 AM

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samuel 2003-03-16 11:07 AM

Visions of a uni-inspired star wars ...light sabre battles, muni in the deserts of (insert name of planet here)...and of course, "use the tourque, luke, use the tourque"
sorry. I'm not a trekkie-obsessed star wars babylon 5 fanatic at all...I cant even pretedn I know what im talking about. I dont think ive even seen all of star wars or any star trek...

gluteous maximus 2003-03-16 03:24 PM

samuel, where's your funny pic?

Here's a pic of my new giraffe.


Unimoron 2003-03-16 07:40 PM

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Laugh out loud

DasDingus 2003-03-17 02:56 AM

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My friend showed me this picture a while back, along with hundreds of other hilarious pictures.

This is them after the cameras are turned off.

binthef 2003-03-17 03:28 AM

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:D hehe :eek:

jagur 2003-03-17 04:51 AM

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does anyone know were this is in the world?

binthef 2003-03-17 07:43 AM

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Krashin'Kenny 2003-03-18 02:46 AM

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Here's one for the cat lovers:

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