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unicyclemos 2018-12-09 09:33 PM

New street video!
Hey everybody! I'm a 13 year old street rider from Spokane, WA. This is my latest video, if you would like to check it out!
If you enjoy it, hit the like button and subscribe, and I will make more!!

unicyclemos 2018-12-09 09:34 PM

forgot the link!

Erthamn123 2018-12-24 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by unicyclemos (Post 1701855)


cocakola 2019-02-09 02:10 PM

Great video, tell me which camera you shot it with. Or used two cameras for different lighting?

unicyclemos 2019-02-11 01:44 AM

For the most part, it was shot on iphone se, and pixel 2

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