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forrestunifreak 2004-09-25 03:19 PM

conservitive or liberal
due to the amount of political discusions here,i decide to post a poll to see how many of unicyclist.com were conservitive or liberal.

EDIT:i put "other"just in case sombodys other.
if your an other and are offended......sorry

TheObieOne3226 2004-09-25 03:33 PM


Nah I voted other.

Edit: Just because it is a fairly easy way to mess up your numbers.:D

forrestunifreak 2004-09-25 03:39 PM

Hehe so did i!
im such a truble maker.:rolleyes:

john_childs 2004-09-25 03:44 PM

You forgot to add "Don't know". There is a significant number of people who apparently don't know their own political beliefs.

This became obvious here in Washington state when we had to change our primary system this year. Previously you did not have to declare a party when voting in the primary. It was an open primary. You could vote for any of the party races and mix up your party choices on the ballot. Now you have to declare a party and vote for only that parties candidates in the primary. Lots of people raised a big fuss. Apparently these people have no political conviction and have no idea what party they should belong to. They have no idea what side of the fence they belong on and like to graze on both sides.

My conclusion after listening to the complaints about the new primary system is that the people who are complaining are stupid. Too stupid to be voting in a primary where the idea is to pick a parties candidate for the general election. Too stupid to know if they are a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian. Too stupid to know the differences between Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians.

TheObieOne3226 2004-09-25 03:47 PM

Well, I've looked at the numbers and according to this ultra-accurate poll, there is not a single person on the face of the earth who is liberal or conservative.

Edit: And yeah that's dumb (what John said). Not requiring a person to declare before voting in a primary allows anyone to vote for a candidate from a party they eventually will not vote for (or simply all parties). Also a republican could vote for the weaker democratic candidate (or vice versa) so weaken the "opposing" ticket.

forrestunifreak 2004-09-25 03:56 PM

oh well it was a dumb poll any way.

john_childs 2004-09-25 04:09 PM


Originally posted by TheObieOne3226
Edit: And yeah that's dumb (what John said).
Gee, thanks. :rolleyes:

Dog boy 2004-09-25 05:07 PM


Originally posted by john_childs
There is a significant number of people who apparently don't know their own political beliefs.

They have no idea what side of the fence they belong on and like to graze on both sides.

like John Kerry?

TheObieOne3226 2004-09-25 05:31 PM


Originally posted by john_childs

Gee, thanks. :rolleyes:

You know what I meant! Your little story.


Originally posted by Dog Boy

like John Kerry?


forrestunifreak 2004-09-25 05:34 PM


Originally posted by Dog boy

like John Kerry?

tehe i was just thinking about saying that.......you beat me to it.

dogbowl 2004-09-25 05:54 PM

Liberal here!
LIBERAL! Yea, LIBERAL! Left wing liberal!
(But I do think this poll is sort of silly--yet here I am, adding to it....)

bugman 2004-09-25 05:59 PM

Then there are those that now exactly what they are and can't find a choice on the poll that accurately describes their position.

Fiscal Conservitive
Social Liberal
Constitutional Conservitive

johnfoss 2004-09-25 11:17 PM

Like Bugman, I am also a mix. Conservative about some things, and liberal about others. And free to choose on each issue individually. I don't need a political party to tell me how to think.

Oh, and I get to change my mind too, even though I'm not running for office!

zod 2004-09-26 02:39 AM

i also had to vote other......I back a few liberal ideas.

dogbowl 2004-09-26 03:46 AM

Allright, alright, I admit it...

I don't agree with EVERYTHING "Liberal" either...

I've had some pretty nasty fights with some PC Politically Correct liberals in my time.

Generally, I'm on the left when it comes to things like funding education, social services, respecting labor unions, access to health care, bread and butter things...

But I guess my appreciation of first person shooter video games, topless bars, cigars and alcohol keeps me out of the PC wing of the liberal world.

And as much as I don't agree with conservatives like Limbaugh and Hannity, I have to admit that I have tuned into their shows quite a lot because it's totally entertaining and often really funny, and sometimes I'll hear something that makes me think "sure, I understand that," and honestly, I'll agree with an odd thing or two.

When you think about it, the word "Liberal" has been demonized so much these past 15 years, that there are a lot of people (like me) who are wearing it as a badge of honor. The American left, in whatever form it took, emerged from past labor movements as a voice for the working class--not everyone agrees, but that's how I see it--and that's one of the reasons I call myself a liberal...

Anyway, back to the fights! There is an election going on! Everyone is wired! (as it should be...)

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