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harper 2019-11-22 06:25 PM

FTP server
I keep knock, knock, knockin' on the FTP server's door but no one answers. Is it dead to me forever or will it be resurrected?

harper 2019-12-27 09:49 PM

How cold is it in Minneapolis? Is the FTP server frozen? Will it ever thaw?

Gilby 2019-12-30 05:56 PM

I was in Minneapolis for Thanksgiving. It was cold. Word is it's still cold there. The FTP server will get upgraded with the rest of the site, which will hopefully be soon. There are lots of moving parts to upgrading things, which has made it difficult to do and I failed on an earlier attempt. There is code that is written that only works with a the unsupported EOL php version. And with the FTP server, it's probably the same issue, where I think it is that the FTP server software is not compatible with the newer DB server version this site is using.

harper 2019-12-30 07:49 PM

Thanks for the response. Good luck on the upgrade. It's not like this is a 9-1-1 emergency, it's just for my convenience. You're still the man.

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