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Dane M 2009-04-03 05:46 AM

The Beginners "Today I..." Thread
Like the "Today I... (brag thread) but for those of us who are not up to the level of unispins, crankflips, crankrolls, and things of this nature.

Post what you accomplished today, anything at all, no matter how big or small. And maybe we can help each other out some, I realize it's like having a moron teach another moron, but that happens in the real world too ;)

I'll start!!

Today I woke up, and was able to fairly consistently ride my unicycle about 5 or so revolutions backwards, before I'd chicken out (hey the roads are not level around my house, it's a good excuse) After I realized this, I started doing rolling 180 hops (180 needs a little more work, sometimes 2 hops) and then I'd ride backwards for as long as I could, and then turn out of it and ride forward again (no hop at the end, just swiveling)

After that I had to go to my classes, and as I've said in another thread somewhere, there is a very long curb right next to one of my campuses. It's about 100-150 feet long. I paced it out and it was about 110 feet provided that my pace is 3 feet, but I tend to overstep so who knows. ANYWAYS, I finally managed to hop on the one end, and then ride the full length of the curb!! Of course, my one friend witness had JUST left when I did it, so I'm the only one who knows it happened...

But what a fun day!!

Also my 661 shinguards came, they're quite comfortable I think, a little hot though, but that's the price you have to pay. They gave me some confidence as well

peleschramm 2009-04-03 07:36 AM

You should all feel welcome to post in the original Today I.

A brag is a brag, big or small. No shame in being a beginner. We promise not to laugh. :)

vinnya42 2009-04-03 02:40 PM

Last night (I work all day) rode a 1/2 a mile, pairing up the 127mm cranks with the 26" wheel really helped me use less energy and it just felt better pedaling. I am now able to go around obsticles on the trail (people, dogs, ect...) and I am really working on getting my leg muscle built up. Getting my new tire today so we will see how that helps me with the crown on the road.

Dane M 2009-04-03 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by peleschramm (Post 1216817)
You should all feel welcome to post in the original Today I.

A brag is a brag, big or small. No shame in being a beginner. We promise not to laugh. :)

Haha, yeah but it feels a bit awkward when I say that I learned how to ride backwards, and the person before me said they crank flipped a nine set or something :p

UekiTylor 2009-04-03 06:17 PM

But it feels just as awkward to say I rode a half mile last night with 300 unsuccessful free mounts, 12 or so successful free mounts, and 6 or so sign post mounts... right after you are talking about riding backward while doing 180 hops...

I guess someone who just went 5 revolutions feels the same after I say I went a half mile. Which seemed very far a week ago, now not so much.

Oh, I did a 1" 0 degree hop too.

Big snow storm coming in, probably won't get to ride this weekend unless I do it while my son plays at the park early this evening... I hate to do that though since I can't really pay attention to him while I'm failing to free mount.

Still, good to know I might be able to ride backwards and do 180 hops sometime this year if you have only been riding several weeks.

Dane M 2009-04-03 06:29 PM

I try to practice whenever I can, like if I'm about to go for a decently long drive, I try to tire myself out completely before I get in my car and go, then I can rest in the car, get where I'm goin, get out the uni and ride to whatever I have to do haha. I try to fit it in wherever I can, for as long as possible.

I was riding in the parking lot of one of my campuses before class too, but they told me I can't do it anymore... for insurance reasons, maybe if I signed a paper or something, forfeiting my rights to sue my school for unicycle related injuries on campus? lol

cbs 2009-04-04 01:14 AM

I'm just learning to mount! So no worries on writing about unsuccessful mounting. This weekend its supposed to not rain so I should get in some practice and hopefully write I mounted on my own!

Dane M 2009-04-04 03:12 AM

Are you trying the way that I do it? Or the way terry has demonstrated in the past?

I'm getting more comfortable riding backwards, so I don't hop off as much as I used to. Still not going very far though, idling is getting much easier though.

I finally had the nerve to try kick up mounts, I'd always stopped myself before I'd actually kicked the seat, I was afraid of hitting me junk, but I wore my bike shorts and just gave it a go, and I didn't injure my junk once! not even close! so that was good, I can kick the seat up in the right position, and my right foot is on the pedal just fine, but I can't get my left foot onto the other pedal yet. If I could get my other foot on the pedal I think I could ride away just fine, because that's the position that I'm in when I mount.

cbs 2009-04-04 04:40 AM

I'm doing it Terrys way cause I have to back pedal a bit to get up. And his way I can start with rear pedal at 10 o clock and keep the front from going vertical. Thats dead for me. So so far just 2 revs. I didnt get to practice for 2 days. I will tomorrow, somehow lol.

unicycledood 2009-04-04 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by peleschramm (Post 1216817)
You should all feel welcome to post in the original Today I.

A brag is a brag, big or small. No shame in being a beginner. We promise not to laugh. :)


We are all unicyclists and are all equals ^.^
I like seeing peoples progress and I don't wanna have to check two threads to do so.

Dane M 2009-04-04 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by unicycledood (Post 1217329)

We are all unicyclists and are all equals ^.^
I like seeing peoples progress and I don't wanna have to check two threads to do so.

haha well I don't think many of these people were posting in the other thread :p

Any tips on the kick up mount? I see people grab the seat on the way up, I wasn't doing that, so maybe that was a problem.

Jaxon 2009-04-04 07:44 AM

Today I seriously hurt myself..... sad but true. I just got my twisted pedals in the mail, put them on and about 40 minutes later i was laying on my deck writhing in pain. I wasn't totally used to extra grip and I was used to being able to slide my feet off if things got shakey. I simply just fell backwards, 185 lbs landing on my wood deck right on my tailbone area.... it was bad. I seriously thought I broke it, or cracked a vertabre. I then headed off the ER and spent about four hours there. For whatever reason my blood pressure was super low and so I almost passed out. They slapped an IV in me and put me in a bed. The doctor said I just strained ligaments and possibly bruised something, but I didn't get x-rays. Any ways here I am, dosed up on motron and vikadin.

Going to switch back to my old pedals for a while I guess. Any ways sorry to put a bad mojo on the thread, just thought I'd share.

tapeman 2009-04-04 01:02 PM

Not today but...
Yesterday I bought my first unicycle! :eek: :p

Jeremy R 2009-04-04 01:12 PM

Everyone learned at some point, and went through the same struggles.

This thread, just post in the original.

cbs 2009-04-04 01:26 PM

But this thread is great as I am not landing anything yet lol. I'm just on my way to mounting and hopping. I would be a joke! I really dont think anyone thats been on a uni a few years cares if I can turn, mount or hop. Or really remembers how to do it since its so natural now to them.

Sorry about the injury! I love the twisted PCs. I hated when my feet slipped off all the time. I have no issues with jumping off them. Today I am going to see a unicyclist muni while I MTB and practice mounting first. Its windy today so I might fly to Kansas on my uni lol.

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