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  1. BenBrown
    2016-06-22 05:11 PM
    Sadly, the time for input is almost up as designation for monies are about to be budgeted. We are meeting tonight to hear the first of several final reports. I'm trying to ask a few people about this and wish I'd thought of private messaging sooner. I've had no luck getting a response from unicycle.com staff over the past months (even the one who lives a few miles from me here.)

    If you had two wishes to encourage and seriously support uni-commuting what would it be. (For example, There has been up to $250.00 given to employers who encourage employee BICYCLE commuting per employee among the perks).

  2. BenBrown
    2016-06-22 05:10 PM
    John,... concerned about putting this out on the general page, but our city, Kalamazoo, Michigan, has partnered with tons of groups and factions in the past 12 months to develop our strategic development plan deciding rules and allowances for the next 25 years. Among the groups involved have been the local League of American Bicyclists.

    One of the city planners is a friend of mine and she has made a point to include photos of me riding test routes on the unicycle. I REALLY wanted input from unicyclists who commute on how to reasonably accomodate and include unicyclists as serious commuters. How do we incorporate/plan for novice riders vs accomplished riders (I'd still put myself in the novice group.)? In the past when I've brought up the subject on the unicyclist community forum, some responses have not been very pretty or taken seriously.

    Part 2 coming...
  3. jogi
    2015-12-16 09:38 AM
    hey John,
    since you are the biggest unicycle database....did you ever heared abaut a touring giraffe?
    cheers jogi
  4. unicycleguy18
    2015-11-04 07:29 PM
    Do you know anyone who might be selling a take apart 10 foot unicycle by tom miller. and what does a new one from him goes these days?
  5. gdrambler
    2015-10-03 11:14 PM
    Just another note in case do not see the other, Augie & I plan on coming up for the unofficial muni. TY. Chuck
  6. moffatuniguy
    2015-08-03 03:27 PM
    Hi John, We missed you in Madison! Dave White and I were talking about your super fast starts at the track events. Sure we will catch up at another meet down the road. Take care, Eddie Moffat
  7. Alucard
    2014-12-28 11:47 PM
    Hi Mr Foss,

    I'm sorry to hear about your recent heart troubles. Hopefully it won't bother you again. I'd like to wish both you and your wife a Happy and Healthy 2015.


  8. BenBrown
    2014-05-06 09:35 PM

    I very much appreciate your advice about possible 29"ers to buy. Because I live on a very small income with low debt I have to budget out a ways. Plus having something to aim for keeps me motivated.

    I definitely am in the Level I camp. I only need to master free mounting, but that is coming. After that I can aim for the next level. I am not remotely kidding to say the unicycle has/is saving my ability to earn an income, let alone improved my health beyond anyone's expectations.
  9. monocyclism
    2014-04-29 07:23 AM
    Hello John,
    Concerning your comment about my 36" whitewall tire...

    I used whitewall tyre paint. There are some references to this on the "Post your 36" thread that you may have missed. At any rate, I here are the page links that include info about the modification of the tyre and rim, as well as the full build if you are interested





  10. squellow
    2013-03-27 12:06 AM
    hey john, did you get my e-mail? in case that not, let me know, i'd need a valid address then. otherwise... hoping for a reply have a nice day!

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