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Conversation Between Biped and Nurse Ben
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  1. Nurse Ben
    2012-04-01 01:58 AM
    Nurse Ben
    No worries, even if we meet for a mellow ride, that's more riding with a fellow muni rider than I get at home; my son is a total slacker these days. Send me a PM if you get out this way or down toward Asheville, I have F-Su off every week. If you have the time and can brush up on your trail skills, the Raccoon Mtn Muni gathering will be fun for you, here are all sorts of trails from easy to hard.
  2. Biped
    2012-03-31 04:41 AM
    Ben... taking your invite to ride eastern TN/western NC offline. The muni I posted is the first muni I ever owned. I still haven't taken it off the road, except for maybe a couple of fields and a washed out patch of sand/grass between two parking lots. I intend to test out some trails local to the Charlotte area... we have tons of trails that vary in skill level. At least according to the local forums.

    I see you are very active in these forums and are probably expert level. Someone at my level would probably try your patience rather than your endurance. Having learned at 53 to ride, and am now pushing 55, I consider myself a slow but careful learner.

    Perhaps I can take a rain check this fall or so...

    I wish I could get away for your May event in TN but the month of May is slammed with family and work commitments. I'm sure that kind of event is geared towards people at all skill levels and would be a big growth opportunity.


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