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  1. saskatchewanian
    2011-06-05 05:11 PM
    Large, but don't ship anything yet, I am going to order a couple UCMs.
  2. kb1jki
    2011-06-02 02:16 AM
    what's your T shirt size?
  3. kb1jki
    2010-10-16 08:10 AM
    Hey Eric,
    are you getting a Triton with a mount for a MountainUni brake or is yours coming with the brake? The brake may be an option stock on this year's 36ers! can you rally some folks to go in on KH bolt on caliper mounts so we may produce for a reasonable price? you may still be able to find vendors with 125mm ISIS Sinz cranks, but we can't get any. we'll still hook you up with another rotor spacers and chain ring bolts without buying the cranks from us if you wish. The rotors have a conventional hole pattern in them. talk soon.

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