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Conversation Between BrickMan and BonzoisAwesome
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  1. BonzoisAwesome
    2012-06-27 09:59 AM
    Wait, is it a street 29" or Muni?
  2. BrickMan
    2012-06-17 08:25 AM
    Im about 10 months in now. I will try going to the muni ride in a couple weeks. I met a guy from Broadway that rides too. We rode once. I ride several times a week but cant get too far. I have a KH 29 for sell. It's too big for what I do. Are you looking for something like that?
  3. BonzoisAwesome
    2012-06-17 08:19 AM
    Hey, I live in Elkton. Should be getting my uni soonish. Could be possible for me to ride around with ya once I get the hang of it.
  4. BrickMan
    2011-10-16 12:52 AM
    Still unicycling? I'm local and looking to find someone to learn from. I've been riding for 6 weeks.

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