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  1. liddle-peter
    2009-11-04 05:12 PM
    they think it was bassically the amount of time i was doing "strenuous exercise" i was diagnosed july last year, i was in hospital about 12 weeks last summer, no operations as of yet, but i'm going in for infliximab tommorow - my email address and msn addy is liddle-peter@hotmail.com please get in touch if ever theres an event i can help withi would love to raise awareness with you, i also do alot of juggling, poi, facepainting etc, so im pretty much an all round entertainer
  2. JustOneWheel
    2009-11-01 05:37 PM
    How did it trigger ur's?
    I've had crohn's for aprox 15yrs. Had 2 feet of intestine removed, had to wear an intravenus backpack for weight and have been hospitalized over a dozen times. I also use unicycling to raise awareness by performing and other cool events. Riding (as well as most cardio programs) gets and keeps our system flowing. Where r u with the disease?
  3. liddle-peter
    2009-10-10 08:09 PM
    really? unicycling daily triggered mine! you suffer from crohns then? wow, i was starting to think i was the only one XD
  4. JustOneWheel
    2009-10-08 08:27 PM
    I guess your a crohn's sufferer? Unicycling daily put me in remission!!!!

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