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  1. 1-wheeled-grape
    2009-07-04 08:52 PM
    hi, sorry my laptop died lol. and I it was 7:22pm when you asked what the time was here.

    There might be some people around locally that unicycle, ask in RSU or there is a map somewhere although I haven't seen it in a while. What made you want to start unicycling then?
  2. uni boy 14
    2009-07-04 06:25 PM
    uni boy 14
    well later
  3. uni boy 14
    2009-07-04 06:22 PM
    uni boy 14
    oh and no i dont know any one who rides a unicycle
  4. uni boy 14
    2009-07-04 06:22 PM
    uni boy 14
    what time is it there? we are just starting out our day
  5. uni boy 14
    2009-07-04 06:20 PM
    uni boy 14
    Gardnerville, Nevada the US
  6. uni boy 14
    2009-07-04 06:19 PM
    uni boy 14
    no i don't know any one even rides a unicycle actually i have never even seen any one around here ever even ride a unicycle
  7. 1-wheeled-grape
    2009-07-04 06:18 PM
    yeah I do a bit of street and trials, but im not very good lol. you?
  8. 1-wheeled-grape
    2009-07-04 06:17 PM
    im from Essex, England. you?
  9. uni boy 14
    2009-07-04 06:16 PM
    uni boy 14
    so obviously u are into Muni do u like to do freestyle or any thing else?
  10. 1-wheeled-grape
    2009-07-04 06:15 PM
    yeah a few, but they dont ride very often and I haven't seen most of them in months. I have also helped a few friends from school get into unicycling too, teaching them the basics of riding. Its always better when there are other people to ride with. Do you have anyone to ride with where you live?

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