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  1. jtrops
    2015-05-10 01:32 AM
    Dpending on how bad the wheel is you may be able to work on it without detensioning. If the rim is really bent the common practice is to detension, bend the rim back into a more round/ flat shape, and then retension.
  2. kahunacohen
    2015-05-04 03:18 AM
    Hi jtrops, thanks for all your help with wheel building. I've now built a number of them, and even recently went back and rebuilt the first one that I built. That wheel is now about as perfect as possible. I mean it is nice. Very even tension, high tension. A great wheel.

    I just took on a project though for a friend. It's a 26" bike rim that's out of true. I've gotten good at building wheels from scratch, but not so much old wheels. Do you suggest I simply loosen all the spokes to almost no tension and true as if it's a new wheel? That would give me a baseline.
  3. jtrops
    2015-02-09 12:55 AM
    Sorry about the late reply. I've been really busy lately. Clipping one spoke isn't normally too much of a concern as long as it's replaced, and brought up to even tension with the rest of the wheel. It's about the same as breaking a spoke.
  4. kahunacohen
    2015-02-02 05:28 PM
    Hey jtrops, I'm rebuilding a wheel, but a nipple got stripped under and on top, so no way to get it off without cutting the spoke. Will cutting the spoke with a cutter under tension hurt the rim?

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