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  1. juggleaddict
    2011-05-11 04:44 AM
    that would probably be me (sorry it took so long to respond, got the graduation thing behind me now)
    dunno anybody else who rides that trail.

    If you want to go out for a ride sometime, lemme know : ) I'm home for the time being
  2. gratefulbruce
    2011-04-24 11:26 AM
    where you riding on the ATT recently? I have a friend who reported seeing a huge wheeled red unicycle on there a few weeks back. I have approached him a few times about riding together, he is a wheelchair athlete.

    Best regards,
    Bruce (Chapel Hill)
  3. gratefulbruce
    2011-03-15 09:30 PM
    it was gorgeous up here this weekend, and I did get the 36'er out, and actually managed a few free starts (@20% ... much better than climbing up next to a pole or vehicle). Once on, it rode fairly easy, and without incident, which kind of surprised me. I found this beast really tries to run away with me going downhill ... even though I have not used it, I'm seeing a use for the brake. I have not mounted the handlebars, but will before to long. I'm looking forward to riding it more as the weather gets better.
  4. juggleaddict
    2011-03-15 07:29 PM
    Hey Bruce : ) how's the 36er doing?

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