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2004-01-19, 08:01 PM
My computer has a 60 Gig hard drive that came partitioned into C and D Drives. Currently C is 20G and D is 40G. There is less than 2G freespace left on C.

Is there any way to re-allocated between C & D?


2004-01-19, 09:03 PM
what OS?

2004-01-19, 09:14 PM
there is a program called 'partition magic'

This must be on some file sharing website, although I have never looked.

You can also save everything, and reformat your harddirve and set the partition size you are after

2004-01-19, 09:18 PM
Originally posted by zod
what OS? XP

What is the reason for partitioning in the first place? My guess is they intended C to run all the programs and D would be for storage?

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2004-01-19, 09:23 PM
yeah, just open two windows, make on your c: and the other d: (I'll try and include pictures) then just click and drag, then delete the old file that you just transfered. That's all.

I'm gonna see if I can post this video I made, hee hee!

2004-01-19, 09:30 PM
Originally posted by ITEMNO530
I'm gonna see if I can post this video I made, hee hee! That is great! Your penmanship is almost as bad as mine! (I should have been a doctor)

I was already planning on moving all my .jpg files to the D side. I'm sure a lot of my space issue is due to my Digital Camera.

2004-01-19, 09:35 PM

Hope everything worked out fine

2004-01-19, 10:15 PM
what do you have on the hd? i have an 8g and a 1.2g hd and they are about half empty. and that includes all the free software my dad got from UBC and my digital camara

2004-01-19, 11:05 PM
Another way...

This is a bit more complicated, but lets you use both partitions as the one logical drive. If your main partition is NTFS you can mount the second partition as a folder in it.

Right click My Computer, then "Manage"; up pops the computer management thingy. Find "Disk Management" under "Storage", then right click on the partition you want to mount as a folder. Choose "Change drive letter and path", click "Add", then choose a name for the folder.

I have a second hard drive mounted into my first drive like this. It means you can upgrade to a new drive without having to worry about reinstalling programs that whinge about being on a different drive to windows or whatever; just move a folder onto the second drive.

You can do it with any drive; CD drives, zips, whatever...


2004-01-21, 03:08 PM
Turns out I had over 6 Gig of photos stored from 2002 and 2003. I moved them over to D and uninstalled some unused programs that came with the computer or the kids don't use any more and now have tons of space. I had so little free space on C prior that the computer didn't recommend defragmenting with less than 15% free space.

My C partion is FAT32, D is NFTS. I did bit of poking around in Disc Management, looks like a NFTS partition can be expanded but not FAT32?

I'll do more poking around later but for now I'll let sleeping dogs lie.

Thanks again for the advice.