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2015-04-05, 05:15 AM
Hello There.

I am reviewing the specs for the new impacts and i found the twin bearing improvement, i just would like to understand what is the difference? is it smoother riding or has to do with something more technical..

thanks for the comments.

2015-04-06, 01:46 AM
From the Impact website (http://impactunicycles.com/impact-twin-32mm-isis-bearings/)

It’s finally time to release a little more infomation about our new Gravity frame. These frames will run the new Impact Twin 32mm ISIS Bearings which dramatically reduces the weight of the bearing set.

Each side will have two bearings so reducing twist in the fork legs and rigidizes the whole frame system. Information on how to convert to the new bearings will be printed on the boxes that the new frames are packed in.

2015-04-15, 04:28 AM
Thanks a lot, I fail to see that post from them.!

2015-04-25, 11:43 AM
Thanks from here too :)